How It Works

Streamlined Intercom Upgrades for Condo Boards & Property Managers

At Technical Infrastructure, we understand the unique challenges faced by property managers and condo boards when it comes to upgrading building technology. That’s why we’ve designed a seamless process to modernize your intercom system, enhance security, and improve resident satisfaction – all while minimizing disruption and maximizing efficiency

Our Proven Intercom Upgrade Process

1) Collaborative Consultation

We begin with an on-site consultation with board members, property managers, and our experts to assess your building’s specific needs and requirements. Together, we’ll discuss your goals, review current infrastructure, and explore the best intercom solutions for your property

2) Detailed Service Proposal

Based on our findings, we’ll provide a comprehensive proposal outlining the recommended intercom system, features, installation timeline, and transparent pricing. This proposal will give you a clear understanding of the project scope and investment

3) Project Approval & Deposit

Once you’ve reviewed and approved the proposal, we’ll secure a deposit to initiate the project and begin the ordering process for your new intercom system

4) Unit List & Cabling

We’ll work with you to gather a comprehensive unit list for fob and intercom programming. Our team will then efficiently complete any necessary cabling or infrastructure upgrades to prepare for installation

5) Intercom Installation & Upgrade

Our experienced technicians will install and configure your new intercom system, ensuring seamless integration with existing security measures and providing comprehensive training for residents and staff

6) Documentation & Follow-Up

Upon completion, we’ll provide thorough documentation, including user guides, maintenance schedules, and warranty information. We’ll also conduct follow-up visits to address any questions or concerns and ensure your new intercom system is operating optimally

Collaborative Consultation

Detailed Service Proposal

Project Approval & Deposit

Unit List & Cabling

Intercom Installation & Upgrade

Documentation & Follow-Up

Key Benefits for Condo Boards & Property Managers

Simplified Decision-Making

Our transparent process and detailed proposals make it easy for boards to evaluate and approve projects

Reduced Downtime

Our efficient installation minimizes disruptions to building operations

Enhanced Security

Modern intercom systems deter unauthorized access and provide a safer environment for residents

Improved Resident Satisfaction

Features like smartphone access, package delivery management, and digital keys elevate the resident experience

Long-Term Value

A modern intercom system increases property value and attracts potential buyers or renters

Ready to Modernize Your Intercom System?

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