Fob Systems

Simplifying Security and Management

Key Benefits for Property Managers & Condo Boards

Streamlined Management

Effortlessly update and control user permissions from afar, removing the hassle of manual key distribution. Seamlessly integrate with current security setups, including cameras and intercoms, for complete security coverage.

Integrated Systems

For maximum security and convenience, consider integrating your access control system with cameras and intercoms.

Cost Saving

Eliminate the expense of re-keying locks when fobs are lost or stolen. Easily disable individual fobs remotely, maintaining security without the hassle of replacing entire locksets.

Computer Required

Most access control systems require a computer for initial setup, programming, and ongoing management.

Enhanced Security

Manage access to designated doors or areas, customizing restrictions to suit your building. Track door access with detailed audits, offering valuable security and liability insights. Set time-based restrictions, like limiting access to certain areas after hours

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Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Infrastructure specializes in intercom systems, security cameras, fob systems, and access control solutions for apartment buildings. 

You can request a free quote by visiting our Request a Quote page and filling out the form. 

We provide services for multi-family apartments, condominiums, and commercial and office buildings. 

We offer fast, efficient support and tailor our solutions to the specific needs of property managers, developers, and owners. 

We have years of experience in apartment technology support, making us trusted experts in the field. 

Our intercom systems provide secure access and simplify daily operations, featuring installation, maintenance, and upgrade services. 

Our security solutions include state-of-the-art cameras and comprehensive management to ensure 24/7 surveillance and property security. 

Advanced fob systems offer enhanced access control, designed for easy use by both residents and visitors. 

Yes, our systems feature user-friendly interfaces to ensure seamless access and management for all users. 

You can contact us through the Contact page on our website for any inquiries or support needs. 

Simplify access for your property – endorsed by hundreds of satisfied clients.